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  • Is it possible to just install WP once and then make the contents appear on two separate blogs? These two blogs will be on the same domain, different folders and posts from a certain category go to one blog and posts from the other categories would go to the other… Is that possible?

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  • This might help:
    You might also try for some different approaches, but none of them is for the weak of heart. Most of them (I think) are out of date and would require adaptation. Also – I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all incompatible with whatever will eventually get rolled into the core.
    If Kitty’s plugin doesn’t do what you need it to, it will definitely just be easier to install wordpress twice (in two different directories – preferably in “sibling” directories rather than having one in a subdirectory of the other where you might run into some permalinking/.htaccess problems).
    If you want/need to, you can use the same database if you make sure the prefixes specified in your two wp-config.php files are different (say “family_blog_” in one and “work_blog_” in the other).

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