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  • My website provides multiple languages. I would like to create one Give donation form (with a specified donation goal amount) that is always displayed in the selected language of the website: if the user views the English version of the my website the form should be displayed in English, if the user browses the German version of the page, the form is expected to be shown in German.

    At the same time, if a user gives a donation on the German version of the form, I would expect that this donation is also considered under the English version of the form. So, eventually, both the German and the English version of the form should display the same raised amount.

    As mentioned in, if I go to Donations -> All Forms -> Edit the form -> Add a translation in the ‘Languages’ block on the right sidebar, I get a new form with a different id, and those forms are not sharing the collected amounts.

    Could you please advice how to overcome this difficulty?

    Thank you for your help!

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  • Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Hi there!

    I’m happy to clarify here. First, you’re correct that most translation solutions for WordPress are going to translate forms by making a new form in the new language.

    The most recent versions of Give include a new [give_totals ] shortcode that can be used to show goals and progress across multiple forms. Refer to our documentation explaining all of Give’s shortcodes:

    Using that new shortcode, you could target the related forms and display their totals in one spot!

    ​​Let me know if that resolves things, or if you need further assistance. ​Thanks for using Give! Have a great day.

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you for your reply and sorry for my late feedback!

    I red the documentation and played around with the [give_totals] shortcode but it seems to work an a “language dependent” way. My Give version is 2.2.5.

    Let me explain what I mean by “language dependent”. Imagine, we have two forms both in English and Hungarian with some donated amounts and donation goals disabled:

    • Form 1 EN (id: 1411, donated amount: $5)
    • Form 1 HU (id: 1415, donated amount: $10)
    • Form 2 EN (id: 1426, donated amount: $15)
    • Form 2 HU (id: 1429, donated amount: $20)

    And let say I would like to display the earnings from the above four forms:

    [give_totals ids="1411, 1415, 1426, 1429" total_goal="500" message="Raised {total} of the {total_goal}" progress_bar="true"]

    If I include the [give_totals] shortcode on an English page (e.g. I get $20 as total. If I include it on, I will get $30 as total raised amount.

    I would expect $50 as total raised amount both on the English and the Hungarian page. Do you agree with me?

    Could you please confirm that you experience the same behaviour, or is it only me who overlooked something?

    Thank you for your help!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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