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  • Hello,

    I have recently installed WordPress and love it so far. I have done some editing to my sidebar.php file, but now it is given me one error upon validation. It seems that I have used a paragraph tag or not closed a li tag. I don’t know where that error is exactly and it is driving me crazy. Is there anyway I could get someone to show me what I have done wrong. Thanks to anyone that can help.

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  • Link for reference.

    What? I don’t understand.

    The link shows what the error was, and the code you input.

    I’m pretty sure the last (around line 143) isn’t needed. The was closed just before it. I didn’t comb all the code, but that seemed to be the last ul that needed closing.

    It’s strange to have div’s and h tags in lists. Also you have some empty

  • ‘s too.

Neither did we since you didn’t give the actual error nor a link to your website.

I provided a link to the validator record.

oops! Okay the < li > isn’t needed. The < ul> was closed right before it.
There are some empty li’s on the page. Just an FYI.

I didn’t add any of the coding. That is the default theme, so that is weird. There is a lot of php includes and what not that don’t show up on the validator. Basically, what I see in my editor is not what I see on my validator show source link. Where can I post what I see what I am editing, so yall can see what I am talking about. I don’t want to break any rules here. Thanks guys for responding!

Post bunches of code to then post the resulting link back here.

How I see where the line numbers really are: view and copy source on the page in question, paste into notepad2 (set to show line numbers), find the line number referenced in the validator, check the part of the page the line appears in (header, main, sidebar, footer, whatever), find the error in the appropriate file. Latest version of FF seems to have line numbering as well when viewing source (unless it’s one of my 30 extensions…. always possible….)

Thank you so much, Vkaryl. Here is the link to the code.

That is my sidebar.php under my theme directory.

Well, sorry so slow, finally looked at the error page on w3…. Take out the two breaks (<br /><br />) following the closing li/ul/li series after View all posts filed under Humor. If you need extra space there, use some padding in the appropriate element in style.css.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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