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  • Hello everybody,

    I’ve just tried the WC3 Validator and I get one error for my site

    I’m completely lost as regarding finding a solution – so hopefully some of you kind people would spare a couple of minutes helping me out?

    Thank you very much!

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  • Run the validator again and take a look at line 138.
    This is how it looks:

    #li id=”linkcat-2″><h2>Gode sider</h2>
    The first li is empty, and it isn’t being closed, neither is the second one.
    A guess would be that the ul should be inside the first li

    Thank you eridan – I can see that – but how do I fix it?

    The Validator doesn’t tell me where this code is generated…

    Moderator James Huff


    Look in your theme’s sidebar file for <li id="linkcat-2"><h2>Gode sider</h2>.

    It’s in your sidebar, so it would be in the Sidebar template file. What you actually need to do is just delete that spare <li> tag that’s floating around by itself.

    <li id="linkcat-2"><h2>Gode sider</h2>

    Needs to just be:

    <li id="linkcat-2"><h2>Gode sider</h2>

    It looks like there may also be an extra </li> after the “Gode sider” list as well. You need to delete that, too.


    Will need to be changed to:


    Thank you very much! I thought so too that it had something to do with my sidebar.php but it doesn’t look the way you describe… instead I have this fellow:

    ?php get_links_list(); ?

    OK, so I figure it has something to do with this “?php get_links_list(); ?”-thing… But I have no idea what to do about… any suggestions?

    No. The php get_links_list actually outputs a list. You can’t do anything about that. The problem is that you have an extra pair of <li></li> tags wrapped around the get_links_list tag and you just need to delete them. (I think…the thing is I can’t actually see your code, just what it outputs – I don’t see that php template tag, I see the actual list it produces.) Look for a <li> just before the <php get_links_list();? > and delete it. Then look for a </li> just after it and delete that also.

    It is actually a problem related with the \wp-includes\links.php
    I’m not sure if this will affect anything other than the validation problem, but simply deleting/commenting the <li id=linkcat- > and its corresponding (@line 548) in that file can solve the problem.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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