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  • I have multiple (4) WP installs in one database using unique table prefixes (1.5gamma). These are my own public sites and I’m willing to put them out them with the beta engine.

    But I have some other sites for other people that I’m queasy about using 1.5 for, for the moment. So….

    Can this same database be used for Mingus? Or is it safer to pop for a seperate mySQL db containing 1.2x WP??

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  • I’m not an expert in this matter – but as long as the prefix is different and you can keep them straight, it shouldn’t matter.

    A WordPress install uses a database to set up tables. Version 1.2.2 has its own stable structure, and, by default, each table has the name of wp_tablename. This is set in the wp-config.php file.

    All of your posts, comments, settings and such are held in those tables. If you wish to install another version of WordPress, you need to install it in a different directory, and in that installation, you can use the same database, except that the new version will have its own table structure. In the wp-config.php of your new install you will have to define a new table prefix name. Instead of wp_ you can give it anything else that you would like. For example, you could call it wp15_ so that you version 1.5 install would have all of its tables identified/called/labelled/entitled as wp15_tablename.

    These two installs will NOT share the same posts, comments and other settings. They are separate and distinct installs, and your new install will have only the default first post and first comment.

    There are ways to copy over your comments and posts, but I won’t get into that here, other than to say that this doesn’t integrate the tables, rather it creates a copy which would have to be constantly maintained should you wish to run identical comment on blogs powered by two different versions of WordPress.

    Remember that a database is simply a container which holds tables. WordPress can be set up to create unique tables for each version you wish to run, so different versions can live happily next to each other in the same database.

    Thanks, NM. I had done all you listed in setting up my 4 1.5 versions…my only lingering question was whether there was anything peculiar in 1.2x vs. 1.5 regarding the mySQL db as a whole…and as you stated, no. So I’m off to install yawp (yet another wordpress) using 1.2x with a unique table prefix.

    Cool! Have fun! 😀

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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