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  • Hello everyone,
    I have been googling and researching this topic already. I found quite a few write-ups but I am still very unsure what to do. Here is what I would like to do:

    I have a wordpress installation with one database that already has some content filled. Now I need a seperate mobile version. To achieve that I am using an adaptive theme for the mobile version. I assume I would have to install a second wordpress installation otherwise I cannot properly test and adjust it. Non of the easy to use mobile plugins work with the theme I am currently using.

    So again, I would like to use a desktop theme as seen here: (work site – dns is not redirected yet thus the weird name). This theme doesnt’ work nicely for mobile plugins since I use a mix of pages and posts and not only posts for our content. Now I would like to use another theme for our mobile version (I already setup a switcher/plugin but I have no clue how to properly adjust that theme which leads to weird issues if you check the site on a mobile right now).

    That is the reason I was thinking it’s better to have a second proper installation for wordpress but with the same database. Is that feasable and also, since I already have content filled with the first (desktop theme) how would I go about setting up the second (mobile adaptive theme) one with sharing the content? The write-ups I found either use a theme switcher or explain how to set it up from scratch without having content already.

    Thanks a lot in advance for any input on this matter

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  • That will be more complicated as the used theme is defined in the database. If you have two installations with the same database both will switch themes when you switch it for one.

    Which mobile plugins did you try? I always enjoyed but it could be not the best choice when I look at your website as static content is in the foreground.

    The best way would be responsive design.

    I do have a plugin installed which automatically switches if someone is using a mobile them. That would still not be possible with two installations? How would I test and setup the second theme then – or how do you do that with a theme switcher for instance?

    wptouch is way too simple for me – I need pictures and such too

    What plugin do you use.

    From my perspective it already works, you only should use a better suited theme for the mobile version as the one you use got a dropdown menu which is bad to use on touchdevices.

    On the iPhone I am redirected to the mobile theme and I can also manually go there on the desktop.

    The menu doesn’t work on the mobile version though, right? AT least on my iPhone the submenus are bugged
    Maybe I just need to use a different adaptive theme then for the mobile.

    The plugin I currently use is: WordPress Mobile Pack

    Either that or you adapt the theme to your needs. But that could be quite complicated. I would also try one or two other plugins to see if something works out of the box and saves you some work.

    I just realized something else – the shortcodes used for the desktop theme don’t work on the mobile adpative theme (of course) since those are unique per there a way I can adjust that? I guess not if they are using the same DB -.-


    Thanks for the help btw 🙂

    The shortcodes are most likely defined in the functions.php of the desktop theme. Simply copy them to the mobile theme and you are good. Watch out for missing characters and stuff.

    You are welcome. (I am waiting that someone responds to my problem and answer to other requests until then.)

    Oh that’s great to know with the functions.php – I’ll check that. Thanks again 🙂

    Unfortunately I cannot help with your issue 🙁

    If you have a theme switcher, you need to setup the different themes on themselves as well, correct? How is that done?

    I have the same question, did you solve somehow?

    feruxx, I use the Theme Test Drive-Plugin which works like a charm to set up two differen themes while not touching your desktop theme or main theme 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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