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    Hi there,

    I have just installed this great plugin–but on attempting to automatically upgrade cforms from 7.0 to 7.3, it didn’t successfully update it. I got the message: “Plugin activated.”

    I’m not sure what the issue is–but I thought it might be helpful to raise the matter for the sake of the plugin author and others.


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  • That’s correct David. I may change this with v7.5 going forward, until then you’d have to upgrade the ‘old fashioned way’.

    Thanks for letting me know, olivers. I am guessing that this is an exceptional case?

    Not sure what you mean by exceptional case.

    Yes, sorry that was ambiguous. What I mean is: is cforms one of the few (or many) plugins that don’t get updated via “One Click Plugin Updater”?

    BTW–I only realised yesterday that you must be Oliver Seidel. Thank you so much for the fantastic plugin. It is one of the best I’ve ever come across. On a par with PodPress in excellence.


    Thanks for the kind feedback!

    The reason it’s not yet ‘One Click Plugin Updater’ friendly is because of the packaging, which I’m aiming to change for the benefit of becoming compatible.

    Although looking at the download stats of ‘One Click Plugin Updater’ it doesn’t look like a lot of people are using it. Maybe it’s my paranoid self about installing new software blindly, but I never liked the idea of one-click-upgrades.

    But that of course won’t stop me from repacking cforms, the only problem is the inflexibility of the plugin repository. You can’t yourself determine the root dir of the package and it is now set to /cforms/. Even if I made it ‘One Click Plugin Updater’ compatible it wouldn’t be a clean upgrade because it’d create another directory next to your existing /contactforms/ dir. (I hope I made sense…)

    So while I’m waiting on’s answer it’ll have to remain incompatible.

    Oh that sounds a bit lame on’s part. Anyway, I hope you get it sorted out with the WP folk.

    Perhaps I’m just talking from a non-techie perspective–but isn’t the “One Click” process pretty simple? Isn’t it just: download, extract and replace essentially? If that’s the case, I imagine that there shouldn’t really be anything to be paranoid over?

    Anyway! 🙂


    In theory yes. But before I install a plugin on our blog I do look at the code, only briefly but I do look at it and prefer to do the install or update manually – at least I feel I have more control over the process then.
    Perhaps an old habit of mine 😉 (and those die hard)

    I may change this with v7.5 going forward, until then you’d have to upgrade the ‘old fashioned way’.

    Hi Oliver,

    I see you’ve upgraded to 7.5–but that one click doesn’t update it automatically yet. Tried it on two of my sites from 7.4 > 7.5 and 7.3 to 7.5 and both didn’t work.

    Please don’t feel pressured to get it working with One Click if you don’t deem it feasible. cforms is so excellent that it is one plugin that I will gladly manually upgrade!!

    I know, and I certainly don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I’m still waiting on a response from like probably many other users, too 😉

    Until they haven’t fixed it, or allow plugin developers to change the root dir (see above) of the zip themselves, cforms will remain to be incompatible.

    Of course I meant to say: “Until they have fixed it..”

    Thanks for letting us know, Oliver.

    Have a great day!


    Hi Oliver,

    I have several websites but I am not very technical – I use dreamweaver. Someone recommended your “Script Generated By cforms v7.3 [Oliver Seidel |]

    What is the non-technical explanation of what this provides a website owner?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind Regards,

    Hi Dylan, I would say:

    cforms is a highly customizable, flexible and powerful contact form plugin, covering a variety of use cases and features from attachments to multi form management, you can even have multiple forms on the same page!

    You can find more info and examples of use cases here:
    cformsII plugin

    Good news on the onclick-installer front:

    With v8x cforms will be support one click updates!

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