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  1. bruce-1980
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    Hi All

    Cant seem to get my head around how the best way to do this would be.

    I've got a pub advertising site using WP as the backend and each pub has their own username. They can log in and add events to their pages (which are then all collated into a big 'Pub Guide')

    Pub Page - http://www.our-pub.co.uk/QInn
    Pub Guide - http://www.our-pub.co.uk/PubGuide

    The next page I want to create is a football fixture page with a list of fixtures and the name of each pub that will be showing that fixture under each one.

    What I need to do in back end is create a list of upcoming football fixtures and allow the pubs to log in, use the same list to tick off the games they're showing and use the data to create the football fixtures page.

    I've got the ACF plugin installed which I thought I could use to create / update the list of fixtures and the Kontrol plugin (No longer supported as far as I know) to create a new post type to show the ACF list in.

    I cant quite get my head around how to use this same list for every user though.

    Am I going about this all wrong or am I just missing an easier way of doing it?

    Any input would be much appreciated!


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