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  • Hello,

    I am using your plugin with Contact Form 7 and it’s really interesting,
    it does almost that I want.

    I have a question about the export to excel file:
    I would like to know if we can have the results for a field entries,
    each one in a cell because when we export into a excel file, all the results are in the same cell and it can’t be used directly.
    We have to modify the file to use it after.

    Is it possible ? If it is, how to do that ?

    Thanks a lot for your work.


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  • I mean one field for one excel input.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    When I go to the administration page and look at form data, I see a table where each form entry is a row, and each entry’s field is in its own cell. When I export to Excel, I get the same table. Is that not what you get? Do I not understand? I’m not sure what you mean by “excel input”.

    It’s exactly what I mean. When I export to excel, I don’t get the same table of the admin page. All the entries’s field are in the same cell, not in their own cell. It looks like this: |”name”,”subject”,”email”,”field1″,”field2″|
    and I would like this:

    How can I do to export to have the same table of the admin page ?

    For excel input, I meant excel entry, sorry for my english.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    Try opening Excel and creating a new spreadsheet. Then import the exported .csv file into it. If asked about delimiters, indicate the delimiter is “,”


    I tried to import the file but I did’nt find how to do.

    I think it will be better to force the right export format (one field for one spreadsheet cell). How can I edit the code to force it ?

    thanks for your help.


    You can find a example for the export at this adress:

    thanks again.


    I’ve got another question.
    How to select data from Contact Form DB like
    from “March, the 14th” to “March, the 29th” using
    a generated export link ?


    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    Use the short code builder page, which builds both short codes and export links. Filter on submit_time. See

    [cfdb-table form="Contact form" filter="submit_time>2013-03-14&&submit_time<2013-03-29"]

    Ok, it works well.

    About the previous question, there is no way
    to edit the code and have the same as the admin page
    without converting the exported excel file ?

    Thanks a lot.


    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I don’t follow what you mean exactly.


    Sorry to be vague.

    I mean what I said the first time:

    “It looks like this:
    and I would like this:

    Instead of specify manually in the csv file, the delimiter is “,”:
    Which file do I edit (Which file to add lines in the code) in the plugin files to force it directly ?

    Thanks again.


    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I downloaded your example file. When I double-click it, Excel opens and it shows data in 4 columns as expected. I think this an Excel issue.

    ok :/

    Thanks you for helping me for all of this.

    Have a nice day.


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