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  • flakkito


    Hello, sorry if this has already been asked but i have been working on it so long my brain is fried.
    i am using the nightly build with sub cats.
    simply put, i have these categories:
    i would like to click on “music”, see only the posts from “music” and the corresponding sub categories (lyrics,stuff), and not see “general”.
    1) how can i modify this code to only show cat 3:
    <?php list_cats() ?>
    2) i found this code in the wiki, but do not know how to implement it. I am not very skilled php wise.
    if (‘/’ == $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’])
            $cat = 1;
    can someone elaborate on this code and also, is this code good with the newest version?

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  • Yes, I would like to do this too.
    Is there an answer anywhere?

    Ummm… it doesn’t do that already? It should already show you a view filtered by the chosen category. Maybe I’m missing something.

    flakkito, a link to your site with these cats would help others see how it behaves.
    If music is a subcat of general, then when you see general, all the music posts will be shown too, that’s the normal WP behaviour.

    No, the question is: I make a page called Music and I only want the Category Music posts to be seen on that page. Can you direct one category per page?

    Why do you need to create a Page for a category of posts??? Posts can already be displayed by category through the category listings. Setting up a Page to do this would be redundant. It’s recreating the wheel.

    Now, if this is an issue of displaying all posts within a category at one time, look at these plugins:

    Beyond that (i.e. category on a Page), look on the forums for info about “query_posts”, and see the Codex about custom Page templates:

    It is not recreating the wheel. I will remove the posts of a certain category from the main page, and will only be featuring in a page. Please suggest how to do it. I had seen someone suggesting changing the link of the page to something like ….index.php/category/thatone , so that page will fetch the posts from this category. But I am not finding how to change the link to a page. Pages are fetched from database and I can not manually change the url of a page. I dont want to create myself a link because in that case I will have to do everytime I change my themes.
    Is there a way to do it at database itself ?

    The worst part is I had seen the solution in one of the forums, but am not getting it when it is needed today [after desparate 2 hours search]

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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