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  • Wondering is anyone has had any experience getting something like this to work. We’re doing multiple WordPress installs but using one backend to run as a CMS. The several front end sites will only pull depending on whether it’s been listed with that category.

    Post 1 : category Site A
    Post 2 : category Site B
    Post 3 : category Site A, Site B

    Site A would display post 1 and 3
    Site B would display post 2 and 3

    In functions.php (line 1333) function get_posts seems to be where I can supply a default value for category_id, but I do so, and the home page of Site A still displays every post available.

    Anyone have any experience with something like this? Anyone have any ideas on what to tweak to have an entire site filter based on top-level category, experience or not?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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