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  • Resolved tomas.k.7


    When author forgets to select one of his allowed category article goes to default category (id = 1)… when default category isn’t one of the allowed, article is published but author can never access it again (unless he remembers post ID) because it’s not visible in the posts list

    I think this is quite serious issue – there should be some check preventing author to post outside allowed categories (or maybe assign some default category that would be checked when adding new post)

    (some minor issue is, that in http://…/wp-admin/edit.php, we can see the line “my (3) | published (7) … | trash (3)” counting all posts – maybe there should be only those visible by user… but this is not important – it’s just some detail.)

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  • This is not almost critical, this is critical. I’m trying to set up a system where the posts only show up in a part of the site but not on the main blog. This way, users can easily circumvent the settings and post to the main blog.

    Could you please fix this?

    I just noticed this as well. I’m less worried about post Authors doing this intentionally, and much more concerned about how many posts will get posted into the wrong category accidentally.

    If no category is selected, it should post to the first category that the current user has access to, IMO.

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro



    Unfortunately, there is no technical way to change the default category on save that I’ve found and I’ve looked at a lot of WordPress code.

    If anyone has a solution, let me know.

    Is it possible to throw an alert if they hit “Publish” and there’s no category selected? Just a reminder to select a category. I’ve started using this with a school (for homework assignments), and people are already publishing to the “News” category, rather than their homework categories. :/



    i’ve solved with this plugin:

    Require Post Category

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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