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  • Yes it is possible. There’s a couple of different ways of doing it, depending on what you want it to do.

    If you want the same site, but multiple domains pointing at it, then I’d suggest parking the domains on top of your main hosting account and the server will take care of the rest. Note that “parking” is the term used in CPanel and that’s what I’m most used to so it could be different in other control panels.

    If you want each domain to be a seperate website, then you need to look at a network install.

    Hey, thanks for the replay! i understand what you say but my concern is about the links that wordpress creates and how this is gonna be affected… ¿?

    What links are you concerned about?

    Things like the menu, home_url, also the internal links between my pages…

    OK, so which way do you want to do things? Do you want one site that is the same for all of the domains, or do you want a seperate site for each domain?

    If you want the same site for all domains, then you need to pick one main domain. All of the other domains will also work, but the links will all point back to the main domain. Users will not realyl notice this as it really looks all the same.

    If you want seperate sites for each domain, each site has it’s own links and they don’t interact with each other.

    Yeah i was wondering if somehow it was possible. i.understand the logic and how wordpress works. i’m going to have to do 2 different installations because i want my qtranslate plugin to have a different default language depending on the url. it would be really really cool if the network installation worked with different domains and not just subdomains or directories. Thanks anyways! I really apreciate!

    You didn’t read all of the page that I posted about Network sites. There’s a link at the bottom of it to the Domain Mapping Plugin that does exaclty what you just asked about.

    But.. I don’t think that this will solve your problem. Network creates multiple sites that are not related and do not share content.

    You will need this to do a multisite.

    if it is possible to have same wordpress admin for different domains?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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