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    I have a site that every night, at random times in the middle of the night (CST time), the site visually breaks and has to be manually cleared.

    I ran a WP Debug to try and catch something, but no luck. In Chrome Console I see Beaver Builder CSS and JS throwing 404 errors when the site is broken, which surprises me since there aren’t any CSS or JS optimizations enabled.

    I did notice in DB Optimiser that it lists “Clean CSS/JS Optimiser” and showed a number in there (like 300ish) as if it at one time CSS and JS optimizing was set up but was turned off later. I did clear it this morning to see if it has any effect tonight.

    Any feedback would be valuable. I’ve cloned the site to my own server, which conveniently also runs LiteSpeed WS and Cache, but my clone is yet to fail after about a week.

    Report number: TBMRSAVS

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I got similar problem. Can you share your link?

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa



    How did it go after you pressed the Clean CSS/JS Optimizer button? Have you had any more issues since then?

    I apologize for not sharing the link. It’s kind of a site I’d rather not share the link publicly for. I’m not the owner, just maintaining it, that’s all.

    As far as after Cleaning the CSS/JS Optimizer, it was great for the weekend, and then Tuesday it happened to a Category page, then nearly the same time on Wednesday it happened to the same Category page again.

    I thought I had it! I guess not quite yet. Beaver Builder suggested I lower the TTL to 300 seconds, so I’m trying that now. I added an activity logger to see if maybe a user is doing something around the time this is happening, but I still can’t find the link. It appears like Beaver Builder cache is being cleared and LiteSpeed is referring to a cached CSS/JS file that has been replaced when Beaver Builder is cleared. I just can’t find the cause of this happening.

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Hi, Ed.

    I didn’t realize Beaver Builder had its own cache. So, when they told you to set the cache to 300 seconds, they were talking about their own cache, right?

    Has that helped? It really shouldn’t have much of an effect, unless you are also purging LSCache at the same time. Any time you purge BB cache, you also need to purge LSCache. Try changing the TTL for LSCache to 300 seconds as well.

    All of this is just a work-around, though. In terms of figuring out why the CSS/JS file names keep changing, I think that’s a BB issue. It’s hard to say without specific examples to look at, though.

    Once you figure this issue out, you should increase both caches’ TTLs to something more reasonable. Unless your site changes very frequently, 300 seconds is overkill.

    I’m going to mark this topic as resolved, since I don’t think it’s a LiteSpeed issue. If you disagree, we’ll need some concrete examples to go on. You are welcome to create a ticket through our client area or by sending email to This will allow you to keep your URL off of the public forum.

    Hi Lisa.

    Eds contacted our support too ( BeaverBuilder ) and since then I discovered that Beaver Themer which he uses does invalidate its own css/js files every 24h.
    Ive provided a filter to overide this and set it to infinity, hopefully he’ll try it and get back to us.

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    Ah! Ok. Well that explains everything 🙂
    Thanks for letting us know.

    To elaborate a little on it, Beaver Builder cache itself doesn’t have a lot of options, so the 300 TTL set was in LiteSpeed. The cache is generally cleared upon saving a page/post that is using Beaver Builder or going into Beaver Builder Tools and manually clearing it there.

    I haven’t tried the Beaver Themer fix yet. It’s on a high-profile site and I’m thinking about testing the code late at night over the weekend just in case 🙂

    I’ll keep you all in the loop.


    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Good plan to wait for a quiet time 🙂
    Thanks for the update!

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