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  • Hi,

    I’ve fouund the “user spĂ©cific content” plugin whose not so bad.. It display a wp box at the bottom of the post editor page where you can select who can see the post.

    Great but in order to save some thousand clicks, i would use the inversed function plugin.

    I explain.
    A box in the post editor….
    -> a checkbox to hide the post to the non-logged in users (private).
    -> several checkbox (as much as subscriber users) to select who can’t have to see this post, or just a field to enter (separate with commas) the name of the no-authorized users)

    For more explainations : I have 3 post A, B, C.
    (not logged in…) Everyone can see A, great noone can see B & C.
    (once logged in…) Mark can see A & B but can’t see C.
    (once logged in…) Helen can see A & C but not B.

    I’ve found “role-scope” plugin, but it’s a real huge machine for this !
    sorry for my marvelous english, I wish you the best,

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