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  • Sorry to pile on, but I have to agree that the new interface is now very strange, and for me, very unpleasant. I don’t see any value in the change. Maybe compactness was the only goal? I am willing to scroll a bit to see things. 🙂

    I used to think this plugin was great. It has great general functionality. I think I’ll sideline it for now, and see if a friendly interface returns.

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  • Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Hoping 1.1.0 will help with the UI issues you’re having. If you would like to preview it, let me know, I can provide a link.

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for looking into this, as well as tolerating my somewhat irritable review.

    Yes, I’d be happy to give it a spin. Would this be the one of the 1.1 versions in GIT?


    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Or as I like to call it…”feedback”. 🙂

    This zip should get it for you, but you will want to deactivate the other one first to avoid function name conflicts.

    It is looking better! The plot thickens. Many trade-offs, such as having lots of menu items, or having fewer menu items squishing more data onto a screen. A few quick reactions….

    We have 2 columns of options (TD’s)… I can see wanting to use space efficiently. But at responsive size, it makes it funky looking. I’d still recommend just one column, and somewhat less spacing between table data items (maybe using CSS borders if elements get too close). I used to be anti-scrolling myself, but times are different now.

    Another thought, admittedly picky: using link titles is certainly one approach to showing help (good intentions!), but to me, it’s a little funky usability, as links “want” to be clicked, and these may confuse some people. Also, titles aren’t the greatest for accessibility, oddly enough. I’d still probably just do a regular Help doc at the top. (I know, boring)

    Lastly “taxes” threw me for a sec, but I get it. 🙂 Might be OK, since mostly hardcore geeks will be using these menus.

    Thx, D

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    I borrow the WP Admin CSS as much as I can, including the table styles, so this should be matching say the WP User profile listings.

    I’m on the fence regarding the help text, and not afraid to possibly change it up completely, including the help section at the top, just haven’t acted yet.

    Good point. I think I’d like the default spacing better with a single column. Let’s see what others think.

    Thx! D

    Here is one other’s thought, which is that I like the changes very much, layout and everything… I came here to say that and found this thread… Also appreciate having the means to change slugs readily available… Have been using Post Type Switcher when it was needed, but having the ability in the same place is very nice…

    Thanks much for your great support and development of this plugin…

    Kine regards…

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Thank you for the kind words crzyhrse. 🙂

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