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  • bob.passaro


    Forgive the noobie question, but I’m thinking of embarking on a multisite installation and want to make sure it’s the best solution. A client has a book publishing company. Part of what she offers authors is a website. She anticipates adding 10 to 20 author sites per year — so in five years, we could potentially have 100 sites going.

    Client obviously wants to keep hosting costs as low as possible and setup of the individual sites as simple as possible. And any given author will need to have access to his/her own site (but not the others), as the authors are responsible for their site’s content.

    I’m trying to decide if multisite would offer advantages in doing this, as opposed to just setting up regular WP sites, individually hosted.


    And a more specific question: Am I understanding correctly that all of the sites in an MU installation run off of a single MySQL database?

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    I think MultiSite is a fine idea and would suit your description fairly well. The catches are that site-admins can’t install plugins or themes, and they wouldn’t get their own FULL domain (ie. FTP access etc), but you can use gmail as a mailserver and give them their own email, so … really it can do what you need.

    And yes, all the sites use one SQL DB 🙂



    Thanks, Support Rogue.

    Actually, the site-admins not being able to install plug-ins and themes may be a good thing, as I’m told most will be fairly unsophisticated users. Same with FTP.

    Thanks for pointing out the e-mail issue, too. I hadn’t thought about that. I think it’ll be OK, though.




    Was googling around researching this some more and I started reading a post thinking, “hey this is pretty helpful” — and then realized it was you who wrote it. Anyway, anyone interested in this topic, this may be of use:

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