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    My problem is so simple y’all are probably gonna laugh at me. I posted a blog that i need to delete and i have absolutely no way of doing this.

    Can somebody please tell me how to? Or do it for me…I just need to delete the blog….

    I don’t know anything about blogging so, i’m gonna need baby steps…

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  • What blog? What URL? What host? If you want it done quickly and without care as to what is there, ask your webhost to delete all files in your account and reset it back to a “new” account.


    Did you upload the files? Does your hosting provider give you a screen where you can view and edit your files? Then use that screen or your FTP client to delete every file and directory on the host in sight.

    (Make a backup first, to cry over when you feel to.)



    Is it your blog or a post in someone else’s blog?

    It’s a post in someone else blog…

    …quite political…so I hope the content doesn’t offend anyone, but it is the reality of what is happenning…there seems to be no web host…I emailed the ownder of it the blog and requested she take it off…but I have a feeling she may not know how…, I also emailed this Matt dude..who’s probably way too busy to deal with this…i think i’m supposed download some type of programs….
    I was just wanting to post some thoughts…this is probably real boring ish for you all.

    Thank y’all for your help…i’m still hoping something can be done…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven


    Let me get this straight… You write an inappropriate comment that your employer could fire you for saying on someone’s blog attributing it to yourself and then you email the creator of WordPress to help undo it?

    Red from that 70’s Show has a term that would describe you PERFECTLY!

    I know I know…i’m a blasted idiot….I got caught up with the emotion of the suffering of the poor victims from New Orleans… I made a mistake. I am just wanting to fix it now, desperately, and still wanting to help the people that need the help effectively.

    I am sure, people will be getting their kicks out of my stupidity on this site for days to come… I am just wanting to correct a mistake.

    At the time of writing, I thought I could edit the blog. Please remember it’s my first time using this thing, and the whole desire is to support the poor victims of Katrina, nothing else.

    You can indeed edit entires on YOUR blog. Some blogs have implemented the edit feature of comments, but usually only for a certain time frame.

    Since this is someone else’s blog, your only hope is to wait for the owner to acquiese to your request to have the comment removed.


    I would keep asking the admin. If you’ve registered, there should be a way for you to edit or delete your comments, unless the admin has disabled the feature.

    Good luck.

    It’s been fixed….thank God, someone heard my prayers…boy have i learned an invaluable lesson about blogging.

    I can now start laughing at myself. Thank you whoever it was, greatly. I have no idea what peoples’ political leanings are on this site, but, thank you for understanding the source of frustration, and please keep the Katrina victims in your prayers.

    Rated number 1 as the understatement of the year:

    I know I know…i’m a blasted idiot

    Your worse than that pal, I’m sorry, you should have been left to swing in the wind.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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