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    I have set up a contact form for a client and it was working fine. I changed the aesthetics of the form a bit and added some fields and now when clicking ‘Submit’ the form just loads forever.

    Here is the contact form I’m talking about, feel free to test it out.

    I searched for the problem and I found out it may have to do with the htdocs or the fact that the website is on a GoDaddy server. I also read it may have to do with there being other domains/websites on the same server. I could not find a definite solution to the problem. Any ideas?

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  • We are having the same problem. See

    I wondered if it had to do with allowing documents to be attached. I’m still waiting on ideas.

    Also see this post:

    I have been stumped too by the advice to deactivate all plugins and go to the default theme. That would basically ruin my website.

    Ok, at least I’m not alone. The weird thing is I have a contact form on another page that works fine.

    Thanks for the tip. I believe they are saying disable all plugins and see if the form works. If it does, then you know it was one of the plugins causing the problem. Then you can enable each plugin 1 by 1 to find which causes the problem.

    Edit: I get errors in firebug when loading the page and when attempting to submit the form. This is the error when loading the page: “NetworkError: 404 Not Found –
    And this shows when trying to submit: “POST 404 Not Found”

    Mine too. The only difference is that the one that doesn’t work allows documents to be uploaded. I also noticed that it works fine in IE but not in Chrome.

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    @cmduncan Please stop cross-posting topics like that. It really makes it hard to support you, please don’t do that again instead focus on ONE topic.

    I have been stumped too by the advice to deactivate all plugins and go to the default theme. That would basically ruin my website.

    No, it really wouldn’t. That advice is given to identify where the problem is. It’s just part of the troubleshoot process.

    FIXED: To fix this problem I simply created a new page and pasted the contact form shortcode in and it works fine. I don’t know what was wrong with the old page, it seems like a permalink issue or something. Anyways this simple fix worked for me, I hope it works for someone else as well. Good luck!

    I disabled my plugins and the form still would not work. I had previously created new pages for my form, and just tried again. The still do not work.



    I am having the same issue…any fixes?

    I had the same issues and I got lucky and traced it back to putting some jQuery code for a jQuery plugin in the functions.php file…

    After using the suggestions above, like disabling all the plugins, making a new contact page I got lucky when I activated the default theme.. and everything was fine.. hmmm. Then I knew it was my site. My site was breaking up horribly in IE9 and Contact Form 7 just kept spinning and spinning. I was pulling my hair out! But, I realized that recently I did a site and put the jQuery work into a WordPress plugin and everything worked well.. and with that site I even have another jQuery WordPress plugin working and everything’s working great!

    So, at least with me, maybe look in your functions.php file.. maybe something’s there.. hope this helps!

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