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  • Well, I didn’t even try to install it.
    Using the demo was more than enough – on android and iPhone device as well.
    Mobile Responsive? You’re funny!
    1. If the menu is longer than one screen, you can’t see anything below the fold.
    2. It has a delay between pressing on an option and seeing the menu react to your command.
    3. In the newsletter they say “This is the best mega menu plugin among all free and paid ones available in the world.” Compared to what??? To all? You’re even funnier! A great Mega Menu should have navigation buttons (similar to a Settings menu in a phone with back and forth options) not just with basic dropdown options.

    This is a joke. It works only on desktop. When today’s overall traffic worldwide (at least to regular users) is above 65%. We’re not anymore in ’90s guys…

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  • That plugin released today. So you should wait for the next update.. That is the beta release.. 1 star is not FAIR! You should change it….

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    This is my review, not yours! and this is my opinion of it.
    So please if you think it should have a higher rate, than rate it yourself.
    I don’t give allowance to something that doesn’t work.
    I would agree with you only if I was lying on something. Why give a higher rate to something that doesn’t deliver what it promises? So I can be the liar?
    Released today? So what? I got a newsletter from them to check it out. I did and it’s not working well at all.
    So go and mind your own business, building wordpress websites with malfunctioning plugins πŸ™‚

    @nirob19 – is Mega Menu responsive on several breakpoints? Does it respect iPhone quirks?

    @victorpcq are you a spammer or what? It seems you have all the rage against this plugin. Do you understand for what actually a mega menu is used? This plugin has the appropriate mobile menu. Show me an example of megamenu (if you understand what does megamenu means) that works in mobile. I believe this plugin is disturbing someone’s business and you are a spammer and appointed to spam and degrade this plugin. I believe that firmly because you created account yesterday and so far wrote one review & that’s against this plugin. If you were a coder you would never attack someone’s initiative like this.

    N.B. I am not anyway affiliated with this plugin developer and I would request them to call a moderator to kick this spammer out of the repository. Let’s make our WP industry spammer free πŸ™‚

    @mahmudsajib excuse me? it really does seem like you have some business with this plugin.
    you should have a look on codecanyon and you`ll see a bunch of plugins that does all the things I mentioned before.
    Apparently you`re a bunch of frustrated “developers” who think that a bad review is gonna crash their world.
    Until responsiveness won’t be fixed, I won’t change my review.
    A 5star review would be for all the things I mentioned. Mobile is huge today.
    On desktop this plugin does the job and looks nice but that’s it.

    So come back to me only when you know something has changed

    EDIT: I’ve seen that some things are moving forward with what I mentioned in my review so you should be thankful. Without honest feedback you won’t be able to deliver a good product.
    Waiting for the delay fix πŸ™‚

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    Hahah @victorpcq I am not insisting you to change the review since I got your intention. And yes you are right it doesn’t matter how a person like you reviews something. Soon there will be no outstanding plugin found in WP repo because of spammers like you. And frustrated? You showed all the frustration of the world against this plugin.

    @victorpcq @mahmudsajib I confirm that MegaMenu works well on mobiles.

    MegaMenu on iPhone5

    Plugin Author Themeum


    Hello @victorpcq, thanks for your reporting about responsive issue. We already check and fixed the bug. Hope your issue is solved. To confirm checked it again please. If you find any bug let us know, we will try to solve your issue as soon as possible.

    We are working on this plugins in last 5 month. This plugin is a community product full free. Hopefully you will join the product development to find out some bug. We are requested you to reconsider the plugin review.

    Hello @themeum team. I saw immediate action from your side regarding the issues I pointed out.

    I can see one last issue – if you open the menu and scroll a bit, the menu doesn’t react respond anymore to any commands or only after a couple of seconds or more.

    Plugin Author Themeum


    Hello @victorpcq,

    if you open the menu and scroll a bit, the menu doesn’t react respond anymore to any commands or only after a couple of seconds or more.

    We already fix this issue too. Can you clear your browser cache? And check it again.

    We already check this device: iPhone 6s (Chrome+safari), iPhone5s (Chrome+safari), Android One+ 4(Chrome), Android MI 5

    Every device is working well. So we are little bit confuse about your previous comments. Hopefully we together find out the solution. Thanks.

    Plugin Contributor Anik Biswas


    New product like “WP Mega Menu” 4 rating is not good at all, please reconsider it. However it totally depends on you. We will make this plugins better, with together. @victorpcq Thanks πŸ™‚

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