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    The issue of the forum software comes up every couple of weeks. The standard response so far has been “time spent installing and migrating to a new package is time _not_ spent developing WordPress”.
    Moreover, miniBB appeals to the developers because it is a tableless all-CSS XHTML-valid implementation. These are important goals for the developers, and for WordPress, so it makes sense that the forum would pursue them as well.
    No, miniBB isn’t the best package around. But it’s been “good enough” so far. I doubt we’ll switch to anything else — and if a switch is in the works, it’ll almost certainly be _after_ the WordPress 1.2 release.

    Maybe a switch to another browser is in order?

    The version of miniBB (2.0-ish) that I’m playing with is all tables and stuff. The templates could be changed to allow for tablelessness, but one would have to do that oneself.
    What I want to know is if the version that is used to run this site would be made available somewhere for download? The process of integrating the user management is the difficult part, at least the most time-consuming part.

    From what i understand, this is not an integrated board.
    This is a totally seperate install, which has been styled to look exaclty like the WP “site.”
    i would, were i you, make every effort to include the board into your menu navigation, and style the board to mirror your site’s appearance.
    most message boards fall apart when you lose the tables.
    try looking at something like punbb if you want to produce a table free board. punbb is a very simple and quite functional board. yet it takes about 3 tables and 8 divs to construct it.
    not such a massive undertaking to deconstruct and put back together using css alone.
    (naturally this is all just my bmo)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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