• Thanks for this plugin.

    Is there a way to meet my goal with this? I’d like users to be able to purchase just one item to start; maybe adding a few more later.

    I’d like the registered user to be able to buy a non=member this gift, pay for it via paypal of course, and then copy in someone on the gift purchase email.

    In other words, if Dad wants to buy Mom a gift, I’d like him to be able to do so with only him being a member, then have the gift notification go to Mom and copy in the kid. Crazy, but this is my question! 😉 thx. By the way, if this doesn’t do that, can suggest who might be able to code it for me? I have really no budget, but wanted your opinion. thx.


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  • Plugin Author Feeligo


    Hi discdemo,

    First I wanted to apologize for the late reply.
    We unfortunately missed your post.

    To answer your question, this is currently not a functionality of the GiftBar as it only works between members of the community.
    However we can discuss it together by Skype and see how this could work exactly.

    Could you let me know when you would be available for a quick Skype in order to see how we could proceed?
    Please send me an email at partners@feeligo.com in order to schedule a call together.

    Again sorry for the delay and have a good day,
    John from Feeligo

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