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    I have a website where we have loads of series article and each series run in 20’s article per series

    the problem we have been facing is whenever we edit an article that is part of series (change the content or change the some custom fields added to the article)and we do not update or make any change on the series part number and save the article the series reorders itself

    before editing
    so if the article 1 was part 4
    article 2 was part 5
    article 3 was part 6
    article 4 was part 7

    after editing article 1 which was part4
    now the number is
    article 1 was part 4
    article 2 was part 4
    article 3 was part 5
    article 4 was part 6

    so now we have two article with the same part number
    and in the navigation both come up.

    since we use the series article a lot is there a possible work around this or a fix that we can use

    thanks in advance

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  • Hi there,

    Can you give me some more details please?

    1. Were you using an earlier version of Organize Series and upgraded to a new version?

    2. What version of Organize Series are you running now.

    We’ll try to reproduce and isolate a fix. Thanks for reporting!

    I second that. It makes the plugin almost unusable, because after editing more than just one article, the order becomes completely messed up.

    I use WordPress 3.5.1 and version 2.4.4 of the plugin.

    we’ve confirmed this bug and are working on a fix.

    we’ve got a fix and are running full tests for compatibility with our other addons. If all goes well we’ll publish an update to Organize Series early this week.

    Thanks for the update and bug fix ….
    it will save us loads of stress as he have heavy invested on the use of the plugin and it will shame to change it …

    to answer to your question
    1) no we did not upgrade it
    2) we are using 2.4.3 version we are planning to move to 2.4.4 . please advice should we move to 2.4.4 or be on 2.4.3

    Thanks in advance

    Actually knowing about your version is great because it confirms that the fix we found is the right one (the bug I found existed in 2.4.3 as well). I’m surprised a report didn’t come in for this a lot earlier as 2.4.3 had been out for a while.

    I appreciate you reporting the bug in the forums. If you want to apply the fix immediately (remember this hasn’t been fully tested yet). This is where the fix is:

    Around line 496 in the orgSereis-taxonomy.php you’ll see this
    $ispublished = TRUE;

    Change that to
    $is_published = TRUE;

    That should fix the reordering issue. if you do try this, can you report back a confirmation that the fix worked for you? Thanks!

    I tried the fix for the 2.4.3 version and initial set of test pass

    Same isssue, same version. Fix seems to be working for me.

    I’m going to mark this as resolved becuase the fix is in this thread and will be included in the next release of Organize Series.

    I have version 2.4.4. When will the next release with the fix for the re-ordering problem come out?

    Never mind about my last post.

    Thanks, nerrad! Sorry I never reported this bug, but it has been a pain in the butt.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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