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    If I set up an email address using google accounts and it’s using the same domain as the blog, does that count as an on-domain email? I’m struggling to see any issues with my setup that would explain why my emails are not getting out. I’ve worked with the host (Justhost) and they find nothing in the logs to indicate any issues using the “from” email address. Their hourly limit is 750, not broken down any further – just a total of 750 in a single hour, and they can even be sent all at once.

    I’m stumped (and frustrated).


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  • @bkimbley,

    I’m not 100% following your set up but…

    If the email address does not actually exist with JustHost that may be the source of the problem.

    Also, if the email address assigned is simply a forwarding address, again it may not actually be recognised as ‘existing’ and that may be the cause of issues.

    JustHost seem to allow unlimited email addresses so why not set the address up with them and if necessary you can then forward any mail to the Google Account.


    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give it a try.

    For your reference, when a company uses google as it’s email host, as long as it can verify that the domain name belongs to them, then using a Google Account, an organization can use Google servers to process email. So for example, is registered as a Google Account, and email is processed through Google servers. I can send and receive emails using through Google.

    Now that I think about it, I set this up originally when I was with Godaddy because I was having trouble getting emails to send through their servers from Subscribe2. Now that I’ve moved the entire setup over to JustHost, I’ll move the email there as well and we’ll see if that works.



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