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  • Hi there,
    After updating my category-, tag- and searchpages my sidebar (span3 right tc-sidebar no-widget-icons) is not next to the grid, like before, but has moved below the grid? (tc-page-wrap)
    Thnx for help,

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  • Hi,
    Have you added any custom code for the category-pages?
    Please post your site url.
    What are the settings for the posts and pages layout in the cusotmiser panel?

    Hi Menaka,

    Post/pages layout is content with right sidebar.
    I once had a child custom-page.php (before the update), but that doesn’t work anymore. I think this line was added to that custome-page.php:

    <?php do_action( '__before_article_container' ); ##hook of left sidebar?>
                    <strong><div id="content" class="<?php echo implode(' ', apply_filters( 'tc_article_container_class' , array( TC_utils::tc_get_layout(  TC_utils::tc_id() , 'class' ) , 'article-container' ) ) ) ?>"></strong>
                        <?php do_action( '__before_loop' );##hooks the header of the list of post : archive, search... ?>

    One archivepage is about (Christmas) recipes:

    Thanks again!
    Grtz from Holland

    ohw, strong won’t work in the code above, but that line was added I think…

    Hi Menaka,
    Just updated (3.4.34) but still the same problem, do you have an solution for me?


    1. Can you disable all plugins and check? For some reason, the sidebar is getting pushed down.

    2. Do give information on the extra code added in child theme.

    Hi Menaka,
    Thnx for your answer, I spend hours to resolve it but no solution yet!

    I think I found the problem: <header class=”archive-header”> (with the tag/caterory/ingredient/course descriptions) somehow ‘includes’ all other elements inside the content div??

    But I can’t find where and how to resolve, do you?
    See this archivepage: for the nasty sidebar-thing.


    One thing I hadn’t tried yet:
    In my child-theme folder I deactivated the inc/czr-front.php and now its working!
    I cleared the cache and hope that everything is OK now!

    (I don’t understand but it works…)


    No, no, no…
    I had the sidebar back, but then the pagenavi (from WP-pagenavi – post navigation with numbers) disappeared.

    Well I give up!

    Why is there a czr-front.php in your child theme? What changes have you made to the code?

    Usually, if you want to make changes to core functionality, which cannot be achieved through filters, you can copy the corresponding file from parent theme to child theme and make changes. This will override the parent theme’s functionality. With this in mind, I need to understand what you have changed in your child theme to be able to help.

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    I deleted the (copy) czr-front.php in my child theme. The sidebar is ok now. But I want to have a page/post navi with NUMBERS not the navigation with “older’ and ‘newer’.

    I had the WP Page Navi plugin with this in my child functions.php avice from:
    But when I do my homepage is blanco, just a background img…

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