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    Hi There.

    Thank you for this great Plugin! I really like the setup section for the Forums.

    I have a theme with two right side sidebars and I was hoping I could use your plugin to “override” one of them so my forum section would get wider. So I tried to leave the new sidebar “blank” with Handle set to Replace. The result was that I had some widgets show up on their own, Facebook etc.

    Is there a way to use your plugin to omit the default sidebar without replacing it so the main page section becomes wider?


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  • Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Thanks for your kind words.

    What theme are you using? Some themes show some default widgets when the sidebars are empty, so you might have to change sidebar.php in your theme (or a similar file that contains your widgets area).

    When you create a content aware sidebar to replace a specific host and leave it empty (i.e. not adding widgets to the new sidebar), the function is_dynamic_sidebar[1] will return false no matter if the host has active widgets or not.

    [1] http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/is_dynamic_sidebar

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