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  • Man… you have no idea how long I have been trying to find an auto-importer that will allow full screen viewing of the imported videos.

    This is awesome, awesome, awesome…

    BUT… I do not want the customer to leave my website via the YouTube logo link in the video player. That is one of the reasons I wanted a full screen player. I know that when I go to any website that has video, the FIRST thing I do is go full screen with the video.

    This plugin would be the BEST out there if you could make it to either use a player that would allow full screen, remove the YouTube Logo link and maybe even remove the title at the top of the YouTube Video.

    The following website has a TOTALLY AWESOME solution and it is FREE. Will you look at it and see if you can incorporate it’s framework into your plugin?

    If you could, I’m telling you, your plugin would become very, very popular.

    I’m so excited about this, thank you for listening,

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    First, thank you for your support. You may consider to review your note on my plugin?

    Then, you have to understand that videojs is a JS library that provide an bulletproof HTML5 player (that’s all, no content, no video hosting). So basically, what you’re asking is: stealing Youtube videos and download them as let’s say, mp4 files, and then, import them into WordPress and play them with videojs. First, technically, it would be really heavy : hosting hours of videos, you’ll need a bunch of servers to host them and have a sufficient bandwitdh so your users can play them quickly. Then, it wouldn’t be fair with Youtube, but I think you understand that point.

    I do understand your point but then again, my position is that you are wrong.

    There are tons of themes that already have video players with just a play, volume, and full screen button.

    Problem with those is that the player that came with the theme only plays the videos (with the players built in player) that you insert directly into your website with the theme itself.

    Anything you you import with a auto-fetch plugin after that just plays the video exactly as it comes from YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion. (or from wherever) So… that means that the problem lies with the auto-fetch plugin itself.

    You have completely surprised me with this response. It is a common and well accepted practice to use your own custom player on your website.

    I just can not find an auto-fetch plugin that does it on it’s own.

    Like the following video themes for example…

    Just saying…

    I still say it would be and awesome feature for your plugin πŸ™‚


    Oh yeah…

    I’ve already asked about the issue you brought up about being heavy. The video is still severed up from YouTube. It’s just a different player skin. That’s all πŸ™‚


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    I do understand what you are saying, I just disagree with you.

    There are many, many WP video themes that have different players in them that do not have the YouTube Logo and link and do full screen.

    Problem is that they only use their built in player with YouTube videos that are imported directly one at a time by the theme itself. After you install the theme, any videos that you import with say… an auto-fetch plugin plays in the standard YouTube player.

    Like the following themes for example:

    Excellent themes and when you import their sample site data, the videos play wonderfully.

    Just saying…

    I still say you would be well served by incorporating a player like they have into your auto-fetch plugin… Best I can tell, no one else does.

    Again, great job. I do like the plugin very much πŸ™‚


    Sorry… you can delete the last one πŸ™

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    If you need, you can add your own CSS to skin the player the way you want.

    Again, if you like this plugin, please reconsider your note on it (you say you like it very much but you gave it 1/5 stars πŸ™ )

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