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  • I run a music webzine that I’ve just converted from CuteNews to WP. I’ve been avoiding WP for a long time, mostly because it’s so damned trendy (and I hate that), but also because I’m adverse to learning a whole new script. It’s been suprisingly easy, though 🙂

    I’ve modified the Blix theme a bit, and recreated it on our phpBB and Galley2 installations (no need to integrate, just wanted the look). Next up is to redo our MySpace profile to match.

    I know that the content is a bit lacking at the moment, but we’re working on the upcoming March issue, as explained in the one January post. I guess I just wanted to put it out here because I’ve worked so hard on it up til now, and I’d like to see if it looks as nice to others as it does to me! Yay! Toast.

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  • Looks pretty good. I dont know if I would agree with the “trendy” idea, the word “trendy” is trendy. And if you want to avoid that, if it bugs you that much, avoid popular themes.

    A good way to be really unique, would be to just build a theme from the ground up.



    omg! its blix.
    and with validation errors to make it more exciting!!

    Thanks rivot 🙂 Yeah, as much as I’d like to build a custom theme, the zine is just a hobby (albeit a growing one), and I also run my own dog training business. So unless I start actually MAKING money from the site (not counting free concerts and CDs), then modified Blix will have to do. Thanks for looking, though 🙂

    And whoever the other person is (your username is cut off), I looked through the validation via your link, and I’d say that all but one or two of those errors are the result of using WP’s included rich text editor. Yes, there were a few “font” tags from when I accidentally copy/pasted without stopping off at Notepad first, but for the most part, yeah…talk to the WP people about the photo align and link target tags. And the only other validation errors came from the hit counter code that I was directed to cut and paste into my site by some stats plugin that I downloaded here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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