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  • skippy



    The comment form is only displayed on a single post page. The link you supplied above is a category display.

    Skippy, thanks for that but now im confused with terms. do you mean Page or page . I only want to have 1 post on a Page and have the form show.
    can you explain?
    Thanks for your help




    The comments form is only displayed when looking at a single post.

    When using /category/ in your URI, you are telling WordPress that you want to see all the posts in that category. As such, even if that category contains only a single post WordPress considers this a “category” view.

    If you click on the post’s title, you are then looking at just that post, and the comment form is displayed.

    The comment form is only visible on single post pages, that means Pages as in individually created Pages and posts, which is everything else that includes your writing.

    Category pages, Archives, Searches and other web pages generated by WordPress that include more than one link to a post or Page cannot feature comments.

    You have several ways of controlling comments. First, each post and Page has a checkbox to mark to allow comments on that post or Page (next to title). Second, Options > Discussion allows you to control how people can comment and what information they must provide in order to comment.

    I hope this clears things up.

    Thanks Skippy and Lorelle – I will try and digest this and experiment further. I think I get it. – bear with me – this is sooo new from the websites I normally build. Different terminoloy 🙂

    Umm – if I use a Page to display the “post” from a category – do I have to include it with a php type include – so that it displays or am I making heavy going of this?

    Ok – or not OK – so Skippy when I click the title of the test post and go to its “page” it should show a form? – not for me – just a response box.




    “just a response box”?

    When I click
    I see at the bottom “Leave a Reply”, with an HTML form for me to fill out. This is where visitors enter comments.

    OH – $%*”#~????
    I am soooooo p….ed.
    NOWHERE does it say that I have to be logged out to see that. I have been spending ages labouring on this – like 2 days of wandering and wondering about this damn form. And no its NOT in the codex – that I could see.
    My rant over.
    Thanks Skippy – at least I know now to logout to see public effects.
    Cheez .
    OK – sorry about that – wasted your time as well.

    egads – I’ve been trying to do this on my site forever (but not in categories but on normal posts) – how did you do this?

    umm – what – explain and Ill try to 🙂 – but beware as u can see by my questions Im a total newbie to wp





    You said “I want to allow any guest to enter a comment without registration.”

    You’re using the Kubrick theme, which includes code logic to suppress the form fields for the comment author details. Because you’re logged in (or if you’ve successfully commented before), WordPress silently applies your information and just displays the comment entry box.

    New visitors, or people who have not yet commented, are presented with prompts for their name, email, and website.

    Skippy – thanks for that – the mysteries of Kubrick deepen 🙂
    At least thats sorted tho.

    … if I use a Page to display the “post” from a category – this is an example of wrongly used terminology that confuses you 🙂 because what you really have here is a category template.

    Moshu – in this case ONLY 🙂 – no, I meant what I said.
    yes I am currently using categories – thats not the question tho as Im working on yet another bit thats confusing me 🙂
    My question is still the same:
    If I have a PAGE can I include a “post” useing a php include
    ie – use a <php include( post-url)> to stick it on a page 🙂
    This may be the “hard” way ? Im sure there is a better one.
    Thanks for reading tho – I appreciate the assistance really.

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