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  • I was gonna try to make my blog go live. and followed these steps and now it says my blog cant be found. Please help im not good at this and i dont understand ANY of the guidenses wordpress have or what a core is. All i did in general was change the url to wordpress behind it. And now i can`t even reach my log in page. PLEASE HELP im so sad :/ Is my blog broken forever? I donno which version i use but upgraded to latest one befor i broke my page.

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  • I tried go back changing my fails. And when i click save says page not found

    what is directory you installed wordpress and looks like you have a place holder in root check if you have index.html if so you need delete and then
    copy index.php file from where you installed wordpress

    and change line 17 and your directory name
    Change the following and save the file. Change the line that says:
    to the following, using your directory name for the WordPress core files:

    You have more than one problem. First of all, you need to delete index.html (which blocks WordPress’ index.php file). Once you have done that, you will see that WordPress cannot find a wp-config.php file.

    Your post was not answered because of the multiple posts which makes it look like you received an initial answer from someone. It is called bumping and is discussed here, which you will want to take a look at:

    Im sorry didnt mean to bump anything i just dont understand what to do. This is so difficult

    do you have the recent backup?

    I tried signing up to this Mysql thingy but the page is down.. Do I need this MySQL ? I resently got my whole blog deleted and now I am on my own trying to learn but it seems i just keep on breaking it

    The connection has timed out
    The server at is taking too long to respond.

    Login your FTP, find the wp-config.php in the wordpress directory, backup it.
    Then reinstall your wordpress, after that, use the wp-config.php you have backup to replace the new one.

    Hello, I have a quick question for you. I was trying to install a new theme and discovered that the pages were replicating. The sample page continues to appear along with every page. So if create an about us page, the sample page will appear along with it. When I create Privacy Policy page, the sample page appears with it. I need some help, please. I am not sure what to do any more

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    @laminate: it’s rude to break into another’s thread with an unrelated question. Start your own topic.

    From what you are saying, it seems you’ve messed up your blog completely. Have someone fix it for you or give me your blog details, I will fix it for you. If you want me to help ya, tell me what exactly you want to do. Eg., you wish to install the blog on the root or in some directory, etc. Don’t worry, won’t charge you anything for the help ..

    Hey.. Sharefommon: not sure if that was for me or the other one up there. But i did just that so now i got a friend working on my page for me. But thank you for offering. And thanks all for trying to help a noob like me XD will be back up soon 🙂


    Thank you songdogtech for your response. I am so sorry I started another topic. It goes to show how desperate I am to fix my site. Sorry about that.

    Sharecommons: I am not sure if you were responding to my posting about fixing the site. I have made the effort to contact the theme designer and I continue to wait even after more than four weeks. So, if you are willing to help, I will be most appreciative. I have the problem with the footer and the header. Let me know what you need to help out.
    I appreciate your kindness

    songdogtech: I have followed your suggestion and started my own topic. Thank you for your kind words.

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    A word of caution: You don’t know us, and giving us the access to your blog is something you should only do with extreme caution.

    smackygirl – The first thing you can do is ask your webhost if they can help. They already have access to your server, and a monetary contract not to mess with you 🙂

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