• jmorrow


    Brilliant plugin.

    Set it up on auto backup and checked for a few weeks then stopped checking. Today, my site was compromised and 2000 posts deleted. Went to restore from dropbox plugin back up and last backup was in October. Thanks for this useless plugin.

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  • square_eyes


    I know how grim it can be to be attacked. You need to make sure that the backups are working after each change to the config though. Set it to back up daily, and only cut back to weekly once you are happy it’s doing its job. Even then I regularly check. Did you find out why it stopped?

    While on the subject 1.4 requires you (or at least me) to re-authorise with drop box. Make sure you do that after your update! I just checked after reading this post and it wasn’t scheduled:/

    All website plugins need to be monitored and tested after upgrades to ensure compatibility. Clicking the backup now from time to time is comforting.
    I also had to re-authenticate with DB after updating my WP install, as square_eyes pointed out.
    We have had tremendous success with WP2DB, I hope you reconsider your review!
    We use it for all of our clients, and I won’t even shameless post an anchor text back link to my domain in this comment to prove it! 🙂

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