• First of all I bought a theme that had Shareaholic integrated but probably the very firs shareaholic as I couldn’t do much.

    Switched the theme(for other reasons, not that necesarrely), I have another premium theme, after many searches I foud only your plugin from the few that had custom sharing buttons to suit my theme(it looks metro like) but after I activate the buttons I don’t see anything. Only a huge blank space at the beggining of my site and no sharing buttons. 🙁


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    Hi ckubs, can you please share a sample URL of a webpage that the buttons should be appearing on? We can take a look!

    Since activation, the big blank space on top of my site appears everywhere. And here is an article with missing buttons(actually I’ve tried related posts too and they don’t appear) http://colle.ro/mai-nou-unde-se-trage-linia-intre-pamflet-si-nesimtire/

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    ckubs, the buttons and related content are loading fine for me. can we try something? try clearing your browser cache completely and reloading the page. This will ensure you have the latest JavaScript code. Let me know if that does it!

    Ok, but what if …
    On my PC I have installed the latest opera, the latest Chrome and still Firefox 3.6 that I’m using most often as I fiind it very simple to use. After your last reply had a revelation and opened my site in Opera and the buttons are there as it should. Cleaned the cachee on FF too and I still don’t see them and have that huge blank space on top.

    Do you use some sort of advanced script/ajax that is not compatible with older browsers like my Firefox?

    And one more thing: What Do not automatically include Open Graph tags (it is recommended NOT to disable open graph tags) means?

    On my template had already some sort of Open Graph output, disabled it and added my own Opengraph Code. Does your plugin adds Open Graph tags to my header too?

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    @ckubs Shareaholic adds the og:image tag to the header specifically for Facebook sharing – so Facebook knows which image to use. We have logic that picks the best possible image. If you’re including your own og:image tag you can disable this option, however there is no harm in having multiple og:image tags defined!

    ps. We’re looking into Firefox 3.6. We don’t see much traffic from Firefox 3.6 browser at all (almost all folks are running newer releases – but I get where you’re coming from 🙂 ), which is why it isn’t a browser we run rigorous tests against usually.

    I still run Firefox 3.6, I fiind it the XP of the browsers. Even though got a bit outdated I can’t break with it.

    If there is something atlats to avoid the issue with the huge blank space at the top in FF 3.6 I’d be more than happy to edit the code and add it myself.

    Hi ckubs,

    Could you do me a quick favor and check a couple pages in your Firefox browser to see if the apps appear for you? I’m unable to test your site in Firefox 3.6, but I’d like to rule out any other possibilities.

    This is our share buttons product page:

    And scroll to the end of this blog post to see if our share buttons are visible on your end.


    No, I see a huge blank spot before Logo/menu and I don’t see any icons at all.

    We are making a note of the compatibility issue. Probably most, if not all, of your readers will likely be running a more current version of the popular browsers. Our plugin has been tested on these browsers, and sharing (as well as other front-end functionality) should not be impaired for your readers because of this, just as you should be able to fully interact with our plugin in your local Chrome install.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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