• Ollie is a phantastic block theme with a lot of love for details:

    • The patterns are well thought out, a real time saver and an inspiration for your own explorations.
    • The templates are simple, elegant and unlike many other block themes not filled with content (which really confuses beginners).
    • The color schemes are nice and have different accent colors that are actually usable .

    And so on and so on.

    Now that it’s in the directory I am really looking forward to using Ollie on real web sites (and in tutorials).

    The name refers to a skateboard trick, and for many skateboarders the ollie is one of the first tricks they learn.

    I’m sure that for many WordPress users the Ollie theme will be one of the first block themes they try. And probably the last. It’s that good.

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  • Theme Author Mike McAlister


    Peter, I must admit, I didn’t even think of that association of an ollie being the first trick and Ollie being a first block theme. 😅 I’m most certainly going to borrow this analogy though! Thanks, buddy!

    Thread Starter Peter Müller


    Thanx for the theme, and you’re more than welcome to borrow that analogy.

    I will never forget standing on the sidewalk watching our 15 year old son proudly performing his first ollie. It looked so easy, but a lot of practise, determination and will power is needed to make that little jump.

    The ollie is a fundamental skill in skateboarding. Ollies are necessary to leap onto, over, or off of obstacles. As most flip tricks depend on it, the ollie is often the first skill to be learned by a new skateboarder and typically takes considerable practice to learn.

    Wikipedia.org – Ollie (skateboarding)

    Fits perfect for OllieWP 😉

    I love this theme and the intentions behind it!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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