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    I have a WordPress installation i’ve gotten lazy with and hadn’t upgraded since 2.0.7. Finally, after breaking it in production, i recreated the whole thing locally, upgraded it to 2.6.1, and everything works fine.

    However, the custom theme i had on my 2.0.7 installation can’t be selected; when i click on the preview, it crashes Apache. I can change the default/classic themes. I have zero plugins enabled.

    Also, when i change it manually in phpMyAdmin and load the site, Apache crashes, again just on my old theme.

    Additionally, my site was, until recently, on a PHP4 server. Now it’s on PHP5. My old theme didn’t work on the production server and my local XAMPP is PHP5. So it may be a PHP5 thing.

    Can someone take a look and tell me what hooks i need to change?

    For reference, here’s the theme:

    Warning: it’s hacked all to hell with a css switcher, so there are a few extra files in there. I’m guessing somewhere in there is my problem, but i can’t figure out what’s wrong.

    I sincerely appreciate any help or suggestions anyone can provide.

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  • Just uploaded a revised version, which includes all the changes i could find from Codex: Migrating_Plugins_and_Themes


    Further revision to clean up PHP, see BigUrgentWish

    Still same problem, Apache crashes after clicking on theme for preview.

    I downloaded it and run it on my blog, no apache crashing. Just the theme does not displaying any style (formatting).

    Your theme is too messy for a WordPress theme. And take a look at line 60 and 61 inside your header.php which is not retriving the stylesheet.

    And also make sure your plugins are updated for 2.6

    Thanks, webfwrd!

    That’s weird, it shouldn’t do that. Styling shouldn’t be affected at all, it never was before.

    What do you mean by “too messy”? That it’s aesthetically unpleasant, or that the code is crap? Because i’m working on the latter, and the former is going to be getting a serious, serious cleaning if i can ever get the thing to run.

    I’m not running any plugins at all right now.

    Thanks again!

    resolved; was running a browser sniffing script which wasn’t working with php5.

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