• Resolved bugge82


    I get all google photos albums Id, thanks for HELPERS.

    When I want to add more than one album, only the ones listed on the first page will appear.

    [gallery type='google' view='albums' more="Load More" filter='AITaN4wu8A_cdWtx0WvrvpFceaT_r2H6wQpC4daA1v********,AITaN4x9diTlxHg56JJrzzl7b0JB1MkjRWtksTcZn0C1ASFl27CZvvy7PgNQiFOj6yj049XxNjc*****-NhQwgzmbMbK_KCopROLwUR2pVCyew7PZQ2sGqE*******']

    The “Chain queries” option is checked.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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