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    I’m adding a Newsletter page to my website. Initially, I titled the page ‘Newsletter Archive’ and wordpress automatically gave it the permalink

    I decided to change the title to ‘Newsletters’, and I manually changed the permalink to

    Now, if I manually type in the url “”, my page shows up. If I use the shortlink on another page to link to the Newsletters page (e.g. wordpress redirects the link to (which no longer exists) and gives me a 404 not found error.

    If I log into the admin console, click to edit the Newsletters page, then click “View Page”, I get a 404 error not found (it tries to take me to, even though the permalink is set as

    I can change the permalink to anything else, such as, and all links start working again (I can hit view page and be taken to the actual page). However, when I change the permalink back to, everything stops working again and it tries to redirect me to

    This seems like a bug. Any ideas on how I can go about fixing it? I can work around this problem by just using a different permalink, but I’d like to use


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  • I was able to resolve the problem.

    I was using Safari 7.0.1 and I think it was aggressively caching the page, not even reloading everything after I forced a reload.

    I was able to solve the problem by trying a different browser. In a different browser all the links worked.

    As I type this, I realize this explanation doesn’t make total sense, because even from different pages the links wouldn’t work, and the links were obviously updating as I changed them.

    Whatever the reason, the links appear to work fine in other browsers. I’m hoping that given some time, whatever is causing safari to not work properly will be erased and Safari will start working again. Safari on my iPhone loads the page properly…so it should be working fine for other people if not for me

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