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  • I try to understand why some texts are not translated into Finnish.

    In the file wp-content/languages/themes/graphene-fi.po I find this:

    “PO-Revision-Date: 2016-03-24 21:15:33+0000\n”

    In the file wp-content/themes/graphene/languages/fi.po I find this:

    “PO-Revision-Date: 2017-11-24 16:28+0800\n”

    As you see the graphene-fi.po, which seems to be use by WP, is older.

    If I replace the with the from wp-content/languages/themes, more texts are translated.

    Why the newer file is not used by the Graphene setup?

    BTW. I’m also using the Polylang plugin.


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    To find out whether Polylang is involved, I installed WP into a new directory. Then I installed the Graphene theme. The PO-Revision strings are the same.

    There is only one file “wp-content/languages/themes/graphene-fi.po” with the revision date “2016-03-24 21:15:33+0000”.

    It looks like this file gets downloaded from somewhere and the newer “wp-content/themes/graphene/languages/fi.po” is not used.

    Theme Author silverks


    The “wp-content/languages/themes/graphene-fi.po” language file is created by WordPress through the translations update feature. The strings are taken from the WordPress Polyglot project for the Finnish language.

    The problem is, WordPress Polyglot will only generate new translation file if the translation status is at least 95% completed. Until this completion status is reached, WordPress will continue to use the old translation file. At present, the Finnish translation for Graphene is only 46% completed.

    A quick workaround is to copy the language file from Graphene (wp-content/themes/graphene/languages/fi.po) and replace the file downloaded from WordPress (wp-content/languages/themes/graphene-fi.po).

    A permanent solution would be to complete at least 95% of the Finnish translation on WordPress Polyglot. If you’d like to contribute to Finnish translation, I can request for you to be made a Translation Editor for Graphene Finnish translation. As translation editor, you’ll be able to approve and publish suggested translations.

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    Thanks, I’ve reviewed and corrected the with Poedit and compiled it and copied fi.po to graphene-fi.po. It’s is, however, very time-consuming to update the Polyglot translations by hand. Do you know, if there exists an interface or API to reuse the local translations to update Polyglot?

    Can I upload my local translations somewhere, so that they at least can be used with Graphene installation?

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