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    Considering using this on an old site that already has 35,000 images.
    I would be ok with them not being sync’d at first.
    Is there a way to set it up to do that?

    Also I am new to this type of caching, can you explain the image upload process?
    Mainly, will I still use the WP media library when making a post to upload my images too?
    Or will I have to upload to Sirv servers? If I do that, then I won’t have a copy in my WP install will I? I don’t quite understand how this works.

    Thanks for any insight.

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  • Yes, you can simply install and enable Sirv the Sirv plugin. The CDN will sync your images on demand.

    Each time someone visits a page of your site, images will be requested. If an image is not in your Sirv account, it’ll be copied to your account, then optimized and served to your visitor. Copying an image from your server to Sirv takes about 1-2 seconds, on average. (The actual time depends on how fast your server responds; how far away your server is from Sirv’s primary datacentre; the file size of the image).

    In general, the visitor will not notice a 1-2 second delay while the image is copied to Sirv. Over time, more and more of your images will be synced to Sirv, so there’s no need to perform a complete one-time initial sync.

    You will still use your WordPress media library when uploading images. However, you’ll also have a Sirv media library, so you could upload images to Sirv instead. Each page/post will have 2 options: the default “Add Media” button, plus the “Add Sirv Media” button. If you upload to Sirv, there’ll only be one copy of the image, which will be on Sirv, not in WordPress.

    Please send us any other questions!

    So if I understand this correctly,
    I can upload an image to wp Add Media as per usual, but when the post
    is called the image will be loaded from Sirv servers NOT my server?

    Trying to cut down on server load as getting people to optimize images before uploading is fruitless.

    That’s correct. You can continue to upload images using WordPress “Add Media” as per usual. When the image is called, it will be loaded from Sirv servers, not your server.

    Thank you very much!

    Any time!

    You can install the Sirv plugin and create your Sirv account here:

    Please send our team any questions and we’ll be happy to answer any more questions.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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