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  1. lokkenpa
    Posted 3 years ago #

    First off let me preface this by saying I chose WordPress because I didn't need to know much about programming... Yeah right!!! I am getting a crash course as I go...

    Anyway my problem related to Nextgen Gallery. I am using the short code [nggallery id=1 template=caption] and its displaying my description field as 1 long string. I would like to have 3 distinct lines like I typed it in the field (description) in Nexgen.

    For example:

    Joe Blow
    Woods: Walnut, Purpleheart, Maple
    3" x 6"

    The site is in development so its not on the net yet.

    Thanks for the help in advance!!

  2. You should be able to use HTML in the descriptions and add in a manual line break.

    Joe Blow</br>
    Woods: Walnut, Purpleheart, Maple</br>
    3" x 6"</br>
  3. lokkenpa
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You sir, are a gentleman and a rock star!!! I was looking all over for what that thing was called...

    Thank you so much!


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