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  • I recently moved my blog from Blogger over to my own domain w/ WordPress – like a week ago, week and a half tops. I imported all my posts, and after working through some permission issues to resolve permalinks, everything has (for the most part) been pretty smooth.

    But I noticed last night / this morning that old posts were showing up in my RSS feed as new….. And this morning when I actually went to my blog, you can see under “Recent Posts” a TON of old stuff — the same stuff that showed up in the RSS feed.

    Any idea what’s going on? It was actually a slow weekend for development of my blog, and posting to the blog. I didn’t touch it since my post about the garage sale Thursday!

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  • anybody?

    This is a problem.

    I’ve posted two new items this evening, but the “Recent Posts” section is not showing ANYTHING recent.

    Is it a WordPress issue, a theme issue, or something else?

    I could really use some help here…

    I Just confirmed it’s the ‘recent posts’ build into the “Statement” theme (in the box top right). When I add WordPress’s regular “Recent Posts” item to the sidebar it correctly shows recent posts.

    I posted a comment at but have not gotten a response to any of my other questions there so I don’t have high hopes of getting help for this either…

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    its probably due to the code used in the query. old versions of WP had this ‘problem’ — only its not a wp problem, but a MySQL bug.

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