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  • Has anyone had a problem with recent page updates somehow reverting to the previous revisions all by themselves? Or with external links automatically having your domain added to the start of them as if they were supposed to be internal ones?

    I’ve been having this issue on a couple of the websites I manage, and I’m not sure if it’s a plugin issue or something else.

    The issue generally:
    I make a change on the website, then check on the front end that it has worked. Then usually within about 24 hours, the page changes back to the way it was before.

    To my knowledge this has happened on two of the websites I work on, and on those two sites it has happened several times.

    I’m curious if anyone has had a similar problem and if they figured out what was causing it.

    In this case the problem is occurring on the following page: There is a simple hyperlink to a google map on the page, and I was alerted that the link was not correct a few days ago. It was not working because it was meant to be an absolute link to the google map, but if had been prefixed with the williams body works domain name – the the broken link was something like:,+Warners+Bay+New+South+Wales+2282&gl=au&z=14&ll=-32.967473,151.649324&source=embed

    I removed the first part, made sure the link was working, and then overnight, the plugin “broken link checker” (1.3.1) alerted me that there was a broken link on the site; the same link, the same problem.

    I fixed it again and within 24 hours it had reverted once more to the broken link.

    This time when I fixed it I temporarily disabled WP Super Cache ( and WordPress Firewall 2 (1.3), thinking one of those might have something to do with the problem. I’m waiting to see if the link reverts again.

    If I hadn’t had a similar issue before, I would think this might be a plugin updating my links automatically, which I guess I still shouldn’t rule out, but the last time this happened it was with content in general, not links in particular. I guess it could well be that the two times I’ve observed this, it has actually been a different issue entirely.

    I’m thinking this might have something to do with the plugins we’re using, but I don’t know. Here’s a full list of the plugins I’m using. Maybe this is a known issue with one of them? I’ve looked around but haven’t been able to find a similar issue. I found it hard to find relevant results because it’s a difficult problem to describe and I’m not even 100% sure it’s to do with revisions being restored or if it’s something else.

    * Akismet (2.5.3)
    * All in One SEO Pack (
    * Blog Protector (4.7)
    * Broken Link Checker (1.3.1)
    * cbnet Ping Optimizer (2.3.3)
    * Contact Form 7 (3.0)
    * Google Analytics Dashboard (4.2.2)
    * Jetpack by (1.1.3)
    * Login LockDown (v1.5)
    * ManageWP – Worker (3.9.9)
    * NextGEN Gallery (1.8.3)
    * Plugin Central (2.4.2)
    * Query Posts (0.3.2)
    * Random Posts from Category (1.15)
    * Secure WordPress (2.0.6)
    * SEO Friendly Images (2.6.2)
    * SEO Smart Links Business (1.7.0)
    * Simple Tags (2.1.1)
    * statpressVisitors (1.4.3)
    * TinyMCE Clear (1.1)
    * Updraft – Backup/Restore (0.6.1)
    * Stats Smiley Remover (4.0.0)
    * WordPress Firewall 2 (1.3)
    * WP Super Cache (

    A bit of a long description I know, but I have found it difficult to succinctly describe what’s happening.

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  • I have this problem too.

    The only plugins that I have the same as you are

    All in one SeO Pack
    SEO friendly images
    SEO Smart Links

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