• tl;dr You’re using an old version of Guzzle (v5) in this plugin. This is (intermittently) causing errors in other plugins that use newer versions of Guzzle. This is a known issue with WordPress + Composer. Solution: use php-scoper

    We have just been in dependency hell after updating our WordPress site. We traced this issue back to the Cloudflare plugin. Our plugin uses Guzzle v6 whereas yours is on v5. Due to limitations in the way libraries are autoloaded, your Guzzle v5 was being loaded ahead of our v6 and as a result, causing breakage because the API is not the same.

    Some further general background info on this problem: https://deliciousbrains.com/dependency-management-wordpress-proposal/

    The using PHP-Scoper or Mozart to give your bundled code a unique namespace should fix the problems.

    Guzzle is a popular library, and as more plugins use v6 and v7 which are incompatible with v5 API, this problem of dependency clashes will only increase.

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