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[Resolved] Old deleted text keeps getting shared by FB, Tw, LI

  • Beautiful plugin! Thank you! Just one problem: the text sentence that gets shared by Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. The plugin chose some text from my home page to share. I then edited that text, but the plugin just keeps outputting the exact same old text which is no longer on the page.

    Is there a way to get it to forget the old text? Or (even better) maybe there’s a way to determine what text is shared?

    Thanks very much in advance,



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  • Plugin Author Synved


    What do you mean exactly? The plugin uses information from the post so if you edit the post the information will update. If it doesn’t it could be maybe a caching plugin issue?

    Ok, good point. I deactivated the caching plugin, and deactivated *all* plugins except Social Media Feather.

    I then tried 3 different browsers on 2 machines, first clearing the cache. In all cases, the Facebook text sentence is definitely not being pulled from the website. Instead, it shows a text which has been completely removed from the website and does not appear anywhere.

    In this case, the Social Media Feather shortcode is not in a post or page, but in a “featured area” of the Home Page. It automatically chose a sentence from one of the Widgets on the page and continues to use that sentence.

    Google+ and LinkedIn *were* having the same problem, but after a few hours they started pulling a sentence from the live website. Facebook still does not. Could Facebook itself do that, I wonder?

    Thank you in advance,


    The old, no-longer-on-the-page sentence is still appearing when I click the Facebook share button. I tried logging out of my own Facebook account and using another account – you have to sign in to share something – but the old sentence still appears.

    Any other suggestions? Yours is by far the best social media plugin I’ve seen, but I can’t use it with this happening. 🙁


    Plugin Author Synved


    That is odd, it might depend on where the shortcode is being called. The plugin tries to use the current post object as returned by WordPress, maybe you have a plugin that is overriding this?

    Posting a link to the page in question might help figure this one out.

    I had the shortcode on the Home page – it pulled the text from one of several widgets. I did de-activate other plugins, but it didn’t appear to resolve the issue. I can’t post a URL because I took the plugin off, needing to move on with this site, but thanks very much for trying to figure out my problem. I will likely try using this on other websites.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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