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  • I have an old funky website being brought into the light with WP..
    there are several (2 dozen or more) old articles in actually pdf! form that i need to bring into WP. (of course styled into code)

    I haven’t even set up Categories in WP yet as i want to be clear of the structure before I begin.

    I do understand Pages,(sort of) but what i don’t get is why they can’t be included in the Category Archive? (or is there a way?)

    If they can’t then I would need to make these old articles into Posts?? so they could be in the ‘Loop’ and accessed with in the Category Hieracrhy?? (any way to back date posts?)

    So far, on paper, at least 3 main Category ids to make and each with 2 to 6 sub-category ids to be made.

    New posts will then also be able to be put into these categories as well?

    thanks for any help.

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  • Ok, to add to my confusion,
    would perhaps these articles be added into WP by using a custom page template that I made?
    Page-templates have the loop in them right?
    They are different from say, WP Pages which are static?
    Am i going in the right direction here?




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    Why not use Posts and backdate the older articles?

    I didn’t know you could back date posts!
    That would simplify this a great deal.

    found this:

    and believe me I can relate to the hand coding and hard coding of html,css (which i still do)!!


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