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  • Hmm, I find it to be a bit busy and hard to read, especially on the left side. The text is literally going on top of the previous line a little.

    I agree line spacing makes it extremely unreadable (The “thanks” section IS unreadable).

    Images need to be text wrapped to prevent all the white space also.

    Okay, are you all using IE or FireFox?

    I also agree with both comments.

    Using IE6 & FF, your line spacing is a little off. Needs to be padded out, because the ultra light pink color, small font, and small line spacing makes for extremely difficult reading.

    Also, in the body of your posts, without appropriate line spacing and padding, it makes it too hard on the poor eyes to read it completely.

    Sorry, but you’re also missing DOCTYPE in your header. Might want to fix that.

    @ Katie…lol..I was going to say the same thing about your site…as far as the padding…it seems the left and right sidebars run over the bottom brown “bar”.

    In any case, thanks so much…I appreciate the feedback!

    courtneyelizabeth: You do need more whitespace. I’m viewing in IE and it needs a little help.

    katie1: You seem to have a footer problem while viewing in IE.


    thanks for the positive feedback, however, I’m in the mist of a major category overhaul and the “homepage” is purposefully sitting that way – two posts with my footer almost eating my header.

    It’s all good. I’m about to delete a major category, hence the disgusting display.

    Incidentally, did you manage to click further deep? Is the other subcats under Articles (4), topics font page only, and books all looking fine?

    I’ve been checking in all major browsers.

    I think it looks great. I don’t know what everyone’s biotching about.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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