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  • Browser: Firefox

    I upgraded to 2.3 and I see quite a few things I like. I loved the changes to the text editor, etc. It’s beautiful.

    Except, when I use the button for Links on the WYSIWYG it has a little pop-up and I:

    1. Can’t see all the content in the popup box unless I hit tab and go from field to field.
    2. I cannot get the popup box to leave. The “x” does not work. The “okay” seems to add the link to the content but since the box makes the page behind it un-clickable I don’t know for sure.
    3. Because I could not return to the page, I have lost content more then once (I was use to using the link feature so by habit I clicked it about 4 times before the habit broke.) Thank God for the autosave or I’d have lost all of that page.

    The link feature thats in the code tab works fine.

    Also, every time I edit a page the ID number changes. This is infuriating as I’ve coded my website’s menu to exclude pages 5,6,7 but when I edit them they become 13,24,22. So I am constantly going back to the theme editor to update the menu’s exclude numbers.

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