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  • I like the product and want to become a paying customer when they have a proper abandoned cart solution like Jilt. I like Jilt’s solutions but Mailpoets HTML builder is much much better in my opinion.

    Other than that is has quite a few mild annoyances. I use their short codes in Elementor and the page that manages your newsletter subscriptions is totally weird. It has a select field with Status: unsubscribed and Status: subscribed. Why not just checkboxes? One per newsletter. And one with unsubscribe from all.

    Also saving my own templates whilst working on them does not work. I had to manually save the file as a template and then delete the old ones.

    I also wished that we had a little more control over the WooCommerce mails. At the least font size and font. Technically you can change both, but they have effect on the WooCommerce payload in the e-mail.

    But, it also has a lot of good things! I am planning to start to use it in a production environment soon, and I hope that they will find a balance between new features whilst keeping an eye on quality.

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  • @sandervdnd it’s been two months since your post. Have you used service in a production environment? If so how is it working for you?

    Hi @agod

    No, I lacked confidence and backed out. Also looked at Yilt (Did not like their HTML editor at all, would never buy now since they are GoDaddy owned since a few weeks) and Mailchimp for transactional e-mails (They only support 4 types so this was not a great fit to send tracking numbers out for example) but decided that I wanted to keep things ‘light’ and easy to maintain. Also did not want to limit myself as some of these services do not support every type of transactional e-mail.

    So I ended up styling the default e-mails, which isn’t all that hard to be honest, using a child template. I used a plugin to quickly review the changes I made in e-mail CSS and code but I forgot the name. I also used Delicious Brains’ SES plugin to send via AWS SES (I love everything they make and am a big SpinupWP fan). I must say that I am really happy with the functionality now. Light, fast, easy to maintain and reliable. I might take my designs one step further later by using Designmodo’s Postcard.

    I still use Mailchimp too. I use their abandoned cart automations, and made an automation to ask for reviews after a week or so. And I use it for my newsletter too.

    Hope this helps.

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