• I already use some minify and cache plugins, but I decided to give this a try because I was looking for a plugin to disable google fonts. When selected remove google fonts, I still get several calls to gstatic. I don’t know why this didn’t block the google fonts.

    Also, with a liberal usage of options selected, it only trimmed 55 kb from my site load, leading to only a marginal improvement.

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    @itsryu thanks for the review, although it’s not the best one 🙂 Now, I hope you used other essential features such as unloading useless CSS/JS to strip the “fat” from a page which is usually more important than just minify assets. For instance, it’s better to avoid a CSS file to completely load on a page, rather than having it minified, but loaded and adding up to the total page size.

    As for the removal of Google Fonts, this is not 100% accurate because there could be references to external (not from the same website, local ones I mean) CSS/JS files that are making calls to Google Fonts. Asset CleanUp does not have control over those ones as they are not on the same server. You could prevent those files from loading completely if that’s an option for you, but you have to be careful, you might need them for other things, as they could contain code that is needed for your website to function properly.

    Another situation when the Google Fonts can’t be detected is that they are loaded within JS files (local ones) that are having hardcoded LINKs within them (rare, but it happens) and they are coded in such as way that even a good pattern can’t detect and remove them. It’s much easier to strip CSS syntax than JS code in most cases as the latter is sensitive and one character stripped by mistake can mess up a lot of things when it comes to functionality.

    I hope it helps and it would be great if you can continue to use the plugin and try other features and hopefully, it will make you change your mind about the rating and update it to a higher one 😉

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    I removed as much of the stuff as I could. I guess my site is already pretty optimized. I don’t run a lot of plugins but removed the sharing ones and contact form. I only left the Newsletter, wordfence, theme CSS and JS. I tried removing the theme stuff to see what happened and it screwed things up.

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