• This plugin is ok. Out of the box it’s pretty ugly so I did some custom styling. But OI’ve updated the plugin twice now, the first time all of the classes completely changed so I had to redo my styling. The second time it was just a mess, even after I removed my custom styling.
    So it’s ok-ish for someone with no dev knowledge, but terrible if you want to customise it.

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  • Dear Joshaw
    You gave us 2 stars because it looks not good for you?
    Or because update has removed your custom styles? Is’t it normal? every update will remove extra changes.

    But for example if the plugin looks not good for you, it looks quite well for the rest of our users. So please try to understand that this is only your individual opinion of the plugin which we can help to change
    If you contact us info@huge-it.com and tell what exactly you want to change we will quickly help you with everything.

    While the plugin in free and pro version is quite nice and we have lot’s of pleased users, but this is your opinion.

    any way Thank you

    Yes, it IS my opinion, which is exactly what a review is.

    What annoyed me most was that in one of your updates all of the classes and entire layout of the videos completely changed. I’ve never had that happen with any plugin before and think that it’s inconsiderate of you, th developers, to do this because it assumes that people won’t want to add their own CSS to compliment the plugin’s existing CSS (by this I dont mean changing the plugin’s core files as I understand that they will be overwritten when updating).

    I’m sure you would be very helpful if I contacted you but I prefer to solve my own problems, and in this example I decided to solve it by using something else.

    Don’t take my 2 star review as and insult, take it as constructive criticism which is how it was intended.

    Huge-IT Support


    Hi Joshaw,

    Thank you for the feedback. When you make your changes in the plugin, it is natural that when you update the plugin, your customization will be lost. You can contact the support team they will tell what to do for not missing your updates.

    Thank you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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