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  • Well, that’s VERY nice as to look, in the “boxy but gold” category (hope you get the reference…. if not, I’m NOT being unkind!)

    I like the graphics for classification/categorization of posts. That’s especially appreciated when I don’t speak the language – gives one a bit of an insight as to the post’s content.

    The colors are great. Everything seems to work fine. Good job!

    Good stuff.

    I’m also messing with Tiga for a client, though most of my tweaking has been simple “image replacement”. Still trying to make something work in that header, though.

    GOBLUE: Now that’s what I call “specificity”! Your graphics are perfect for the site.

    And in fact, when dealing with 3column themes, you should be very wary of doing any tweaking to other than “look”. Apparently tiga has got the 3 col setup pretty well right, so as with so many other things in this world, if it ain’t broke….

    Exactly. I (and my client) have been very happy with how it turned out this way, although, as I mentioned, I’m trying to figure something with the header so it’s not a big white space. We had Google AdSense in there, but it was either ridiculously small for a large resolution, or covering up the logo at 800×600.

    Still trying to tweak the post title and content size, too, I think.

    But thanks! 🙂

    Y’know, I almost hesitate to suggest this…. but surely there’s some “ticker” feed you could get to put in that header, with college hoop scores, what player got drafted where, who’s hurt, etc?

    Or maybe a randomized not too large graphic rotating through the fieldhouses?

    Hadn’t thought of a ticker…

    I had thought of randomized images, but the difference in size from 800×600 to the monitors I use most (1124x”something”, I think?) is so big, anything looks kind of awkward. I’ve thought of trying to fill it in with a background that looks like the surface of a basketball, though I don’t know if I could pull that off without it looking blatantly tiled. Maybe using it and covering the seams with a smaller image that works in all resolutions would work. Hmmm…

    3-column designs look great, but this isn’t the first (and probably won’t be the last) time I’ve had an issue like this.

    Yah…. I use only one 3 col theme and its on one of my own blogs; it’s a design of my own – . The only reason it works is really because I don’t mind using “real-estate” with a large-depth header. Which means that the “blank” real-estate doesn’t seem as overwhelming.

    Again, I hesitate to say…. but this might be exactly where a flash embed would be perfect – a meld of the fieldhouses and action shots…. I don’t do flash, but you might be able to find someone who could grasp the essentials without going overboard as so many do.

    Oooh! Flash is something I hadn’t thought of…

    In retrospect, I could probably make this work very well with a two-column design if there wasn’t so much “sidebar material”.

    Here’s another simple “swap job” I did with one of the two-column templates. (2Exquisite)

    And while I’m showing off, here’s my blog with a three-column template that I can’t remember. JournalizedBlue, maybe?

    The sheer amount of “sidebar stuff” is why one does use 3col themes of course. And is one very good reason why sports blogs tend to do just that. There’s always so much STUFF….

    Both those linked are nice. I prefer “tony” because I really do NOT like white.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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